2014 PDC World Darts Championship

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World Darts Championship
Tournament information
Dates13 December 2013–1 January 2014
VenueAlexandra Palace
CountryEngland, United Kingdom
FormatLegs (preliminaries)
Sets (from Round 1)
Final – best of 13
Prize fund£1,050,000
Winners share£250,000
Nine dart finishEngland Terry Jenkins (Round 1), Australia Kyle Anderson (Round 1)
High checkout170 - Thrown by:
England Terry Jenkins (Round 1)
England Wes Newton (Quarter-finals)
Netherlands Michael van Gerwen
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World Darts Championship
Tournament information
Dates13 December 2013–1 January 2014
VenueAlexandra Palace
CountryEngland, United Kingdom
FormatLegs (preliminaries)
Sets (from Round 1)
Final – best of 13
Prize fund£1,050,000
Winners share£250,000
Nine dart finishEngland Terry Jenkins (Round 1), Australia Kyle Anderson (Round 1)
High checkout170 - Thrown by:
England Terry Jenkins (Round 1)
England Wes Newton (Quarter-finals)
Netherlands Michael van Gerwen

The 2014 Ladbrokes World Darts Championship was the 21st World Championship organised by the Professional Darts Corporation since it separated from the British Darts Organisation. The event started on 13 December 2013 and concluded on 1 January 2014 and was held at the Alexandra Palace, London, England.

Phil Taylor was the defending champion, having won his 16th title in 2013, but he lost 4–3 to Michael Smith in the second round.[1]

Michael van Gerwen won his first World Championship by defeating Peter Wright 7–4 in the final.[2] He became the sixth winner of the event and, at the age of 24, the youngest.[3] The result also saw him replace Taylor as the new world number one.[4] A new record of 603 maximum 180 scores were made during the championship, beating the previous best of 588 set in 2012.[5] For the first time in PDC history there was no Englishman in the final.[6]

Format and qualifiers[edit]

The televised stages featured 72 players. The top 32 players in the PDC Order of Merit on 26 November 2013 were seeded for the tournament. They were joined by the 16 highest non-qualified players from the Pro Tour Order of Merit, based on the events played on the 2013 PDC Pro Tour.

These 48 players were joined by two PDPA qualifiers (as determined at the PDPA Qualifying event held in Barnsley on 25 November 2013), the highest ranked non-qualified player on the PDC Challenge Tour Order of Merit, and 21 international players: the four highest names in the European Order of Merit not already qualified, and 17 further international qualifiers to be determined by the PDC and PDPA.

Some of the international players, such as the four from the European Order of Merit, and the top American and Australian players were entered straight into the first round, while others, having won qualifying events in their countries, were entered into the preliminary round.

Edward Santos withdrew due to travel problems and was replaced by Colin Osborne, the highest-ranking non-qualified player on the PDC Order of Merit.[19]

Prize money[edit]

The 2014 World Championship features a prize fund of at least £1,050,000. The winner's prize money has been increased from £200,000 to £250,000.[20]

The prize money is allocated as follows:

Position (num. of players)Prize money
Third round losers(8)£15,000
Second round losers(16)£10,000
First round losers(32)£6,000
Preliminary round losers(8)£3,500
Nine-dart finish(2)£30,000
(£15,000 each)


The preliminary round was drawn on 30 November, the last 64 draw took place on 2 December 2013 and was made by Rod Harrington and Wayne Mardle. It was shown live on Sky Sports.

Preliminary round[edit]

The preliminary round was played in a first to four legs format. One match was played per session with the winners playing their first round matches later on the same day.

76.78Rob Szabo New Zealand4–3England Ian Moss78.63
84.71Colin McGarry Northern Ireland2–4Denmark Per Laursen91.55
84.03Julio Barbero Spain4–1Germany Andree Welge79.65
74.30Dennis Lindskjold Denmark1–4England Colin Osborne89.82
88.01Devon Petersen South Africa4–1Malaysia Mohd Latif Sapup82.78
90.25Zoran Lerchbacher Austria4–1England Ben Ward86.43
84.26Morihiro Hashimoto Japan4–2Singapore Paul Lim75.26
79.45Gino Vos Netherlands1–4Hong Kong Royden Lam79.40

Last 64[edit]

First round (best of 5 sets)
13–19 December
Second round (best of 7)
20–27 December
Third round (best of 7)
27&28 December
Quarter-finals (best of 9)
28&29 December
Semi-finals (best of 11)
30 December
Final (best of 13)
1 January
1England Phil Taylor 96.683
New Zealand Rob Szabo 90.061
1England Taylor 95.553
32England M Smith 94.554
32England Michael Smith 79.693
Japan Morihiro Hashimoto 76.501
32England M Smith 98.333
16Scotland Wright 105.074
16Scotland Peter Wright 98.683
England Joe Cullen 90.830
16Scotland Wright 98.044
Denmark Laursen 87.632
17England Terry Jenkins 95.912
Denmark Per Laursen 89.453
16Scotland Wright 95.855
8England Newton 92.404
8England Wes Newton 88.413
Hong Kong Royden Lam 83.451
8England Newton 92.914
25Canada Part 87.890
25Canada John Part 82.483
Netherlands Mareno Michels 79.702
8England Newton 95.514
9Scotland Thornton 91.741
9Scotland Robert Thornton 86.863
Germany Max Hopp 80.171
9Scotland Thornton 98.894
Australia B Anderson 87.760
24England Colin Lloyd 83.622
Australia Beau Anderson 83.663
16Scotland Wright 100.246
4Australia Whitlock 97.252
5England Andy Hamilton 92.033
Spain Julio Barbero 93.521
5England Hamilton 96.891
28Wales Burnett 95.914
28Wales Richie Burnett 97.193
England Dean Winstanley 95.481
28Wales Burnett 95.833
21England White 95.924
12Belgium Kim Huybrechts 88.073
Belgium Ronny Huybrechts 90.101
12Belgium K Huybrechts 98.943
21England White 98.394
21England Ian White 97.023
Australia Kyle Anderson 89.681
21England White 98.414
4Australia Whitlock 95.775
4Australia Simon Whitlock 97.353
England Ross Smith 86.200
4Australia Whitlock 95.304
Finland Komula 88.990
29England Mark Walsh 86.511
Finland Jarkko Komula 84.573
4Australia Whitlock 92.964
13England Painter 86.380
13England Kevin Painter 98.593
Germany Tomas Seyler 86.980
13England Painter 91.594
20Australia Nicholson 93.600
20Australia Paul Nicholson 96.823
England Stuart Kellett 95.090
16Scotland Wright 95.714
2Netherlands v Gerwen 100.107
2Netherlands Michael van Gerwen 89.133
Austria Zoran Lerchbacher 89.940
2Netherlands v Gerwen 96.884
England McDine 90.111
31England Wayne Jones 89.752
England Kevin McDine 91.803
2Netherlands v Gerwen 100.204
18Scotland G Anderson 98.183
15Northern Ireland Brendan Dolan 96.723
England Colin Osborne 82.640
15Northern Ireland Dolan 90.101
18Scotland G Anderson 97.974
18Scotland Gary Anderson 97.833
England Mark Dudbridge 90.400
2Netherlands v Gerwen 98.865
26Wales M Webster 93.343
7England Dave Chisnall 98.432
Scotland John Henderson 91.623
Scotland Henderson 91.623
26Wales M Webster 92.234
26Wales Mark Webster 86.703
Austria Mensur Suljović 84.022
26Wales M Webster 92.484
10Netherlands v Barneveld 94.823
10Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld 98.563
Wales Jamie Lewis 91.020
10Netherlands v Barneveld 99.654
23England Caven 96.053
23England Jamie Caven 87.033
Netherlands Jelle Klaasen 89.561
2Netherlands v Gerwen 103.026
3England A Lewis 99.190
6England James Wade 91.923
England Darren Webster 90.122
6England Wade 91.864
27England A Smith 90.043
27England Andy Smith 84.223
England Steve Brown 84.891
6England Wade 99.924
South Africa Petersen 92.420
11England Justin Pipe 87.853
England Arron Monk 78.740
11England Pipe 93.001
South Africa Petersen 95.184
22England Steve Beaton 87.761
South Africa Devon Petersen 85.673
6England Wade 90.851
3England A Lewis 96.565
3England Adrian Lewis 95.263
England Dennis Smith 80.890
3England A Lewis 103.684
30Netherlands vd Voort 99.471
30Netherlands Vincent van der Voort 85.963
England Matt Clark 78.501
3England A Lewis 91.174
14England King 91.871
14England Mervyn King 89.873
United States Darin Young 82.970
14England King 94.814
England Evans 94.402
19England Ronnie Baxter 86.600
England Ricky Evans 87.213


PlayerEliminatedPlayedSets WonSets LostLegs WonLegs Lost100+140+180sHigh CheckoutAverage[37]
Netherlands Michael van Gerwen3 Winner62911100621861045215498.03
Scotland Peter Wright4 Runner-up62618103862901542916498.93
England Adrian Lewis4 Semi-finals51695641107792915897.17
Australia Simon Whitlock4 Semi-finals518106653139843613695.73
England Ian White4 Quarter-finals415126151150752912897.44
England James Wade4 Quarter-finals412105247136662114293.64
England Wes Newton4 Quarter-finals41575739107602717092.13
Wales Mark Webster4 Quarter-finals414135956135732515791.19
Scotland Gary Anderson3 Third round3105392690501711998.00
Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld3 Third round3107403298502014197.68
Wales Richie Burnett3 Third round310634327757199696.31
Scotland Robert Thornton3 Third round385282270381613692.50
England Kevin Painter3 Third round37425185031711692.19
England Mervyn King3 Third round386292563481213692.18
England Michael Smith3 Third round3108413895591714190.86
South Africa Devon Petersen3 Third round47632298748914190.32
England Phil Taylor2 Second round265242360351015696.12
Australia Paul Nicholson2 Second round23414153628713695.21
England Andy Hamilton2 Second round24519194525812494.46
Belgium Kim Huybrechts2 Second round265232451351011193.51
Northern Ireland Brendan Dolan2 Second round24416184920716793.41
Netherlands Vincent van der Voort2 Second round24518184324713192.72
Scotland John Henderson2 Second round266282983291513291.62
England Jamie Caven2 Second round26523224431715891.54
England Kevin McDine2 Second round24618224415138190.96
England Ricky Evans2 Second round254201745201313890.81
England Justin Pipe2 Second round24417154825311090.43
Denmark Per Laursen2 Second round356232864291012889.54
England Andy Smith2 Second round26525257437716187.14
Finland Jarkko Komula2 Second round23516205420712686.78
Australia Beau Anderson2 Second round2361725522577685.71
Canada John Part2 Second round2361722351587685.19
England Dave Chisnall1 First round123111324151112198.43
England Terry Jenkins1 First round123111020131117095.91
England Dean Winstanley1 First round11399291426095.48
England Stuart Kellett1 First round1033910948495.09
Wales Jamie Lewis1 First round1033913938491.02
England Joe Cullen1 First round10359187114790.83
England Mark Dudbridge1First round1033914514190.40
England Darren Webster1 First round1231113312118190.12
Belgium Ronny Huybrechts1 First round113710231239790.10
Austria Zoran Lerchbacher1 First round2035102611113890.10
England Wayne Jones1 First round1238123011512089.75
Australia Kyle Anderson1 First round11351069614189.68
Netherlands Jelle Klaasen1 First round1134919633689.56
Spain Julio Barbero1First round2131012221948088.78
England Steve Beaton1 First round1138102014210687.76
Germany Tomas Seyler1 First round1031915715686.98
England Ronnie Baxter1 First round1033919714086.60
England Mark Walsh1 First round1138113714012186.51
England Colin Osborne1 First round2038101513112286.23
England Ross Smith1 First round10349216210786.20
England Steve Brown1 First round11371014885684.89
Austria Mensur Suljovic1 First round12310132615413084.02
England Colin Lloyd1 First round12313154210511283.62
New Zealand Rob Szabo1First round2131013345212883.42
United States Darin Young1 First round1031914411482.97
Hong Kong Royden Lam1 First round2131111341316081.43
England Dennis Smith1 First round10309103180.89
Japan Morihiro Hashimoto1 First round2131112379215280.38
Germany Max Hopp1 First round11361021446880.17
Netherlands Mareno Michels1 First round12310132811413679.70
England Arron Monk1 First round10339135010078.64
England Matt Clark1 First round11361022518178.50
England Ben Ward0 Preliminary round1001411201686.43
Northern Ireland Colin McGarry0 Preliminary round100244613684.71
Malaysia Mohd Latif Sapup0 Preliminary round1001475014182.78
Germany Andree Welge0 Preliminary round100146219179.65
Netherlands Gino Vos0 Preliminary round100144203279.45
England Ian Moss0 Preliminary round10034123011878.63
Singapore Paul Lim0 Preliminary round100248405875.26
Denmark Dennis Lindskjold0 Preliminary round100141000274.30

Source: Match reports in the draw

Representation from different countries[edit]

This table shows the number of players by country in the World Championship, the total number including the Preliminary round.

Northern Ireland
United States
Hong Kong
New Zealand
South Africa
Round 37213200000000000010016
Round 214334201101100000010132
Round 132544322121111110110164


The tournament was available in the following countries on these channels:[21]

United Kingdom United KingdomSky Sports
BBC Radio 5 Live (final only)[38]
Czech Republic Czech Republic
Hungary Hungary
Romania Romania
Slovakia Slovakia
Sport TV
(Sport 1 and Sport 2)
Germany GermanySport1/Sport1+
Republic of Ireland IrelandSky Sports
Middle EastOSN
Netherlands NetherlandsRTL7
Australia Australia
Italy Italy
Fox Sports
New Zealand New ZealandSky Sport (New Zealand)

Sky Sports also showed the semi-finals and final in 3D in the United Kingdom.


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