2013 Grand Slam of Darts

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Grand Slam of Darts
Tournament information
DatesNovember 9–17
VenueCivic Hall
Prize fund£400,000
Winners share£100,000
High checkout170 England Ted Hankey
England Phil Taylor
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Grand Slam of Darts
Tournament information
DatesNovember 9–17
VenueCivic Hall
Prize fund£400,000
Winners share£100,000
High checkout170 England Ted Hankey
England Phil Taylor

The 2013 Grand Slam of Darts, also known as the William Hill Grand Slam of Darts for sponsorship purposes, was the seventh staging of the tournament, organised by the Professional Darts Corporation. The event took place from 9–17 November 2013 at the Wolverhampton Civic Hall.

Raymond van Barneveld was the defending champion, but he was eliminated in the group stage.[1] The semi-final match between Phil Taylor and Adrian Lewis proved to be the highest quality in darts history as the players averaged 109.76 and 110.99 respectively, the highest combined average ever recorded. The PDC record of 31 maximums set in the 2007 World Championship final was broken as 32 were made in this match in 32 fewer legs.[2] Taylor won the match 16–9 and went on to seal his fifth Grand Slam title by beating Robert Thornton 16–6 in the final.[3]

Prize Money[edit]


StagePrize Money
(Total: £400,000)
Last 16£7,500
Third in group£5,000
Fourth in group£2,500
Group winner bonus£2,500


Qualifying Tournaments[edit]

Players in italics had already qualified for the event.[5]


Grand Slam of Darts2012WinnerNetherlands Raymond van Barneveld
Runner-upNetherlands Michael van Gerwen
Semi-finalistsEngland Andy Hamilton
England Dean Winstanley
2011WinnerEngland Phil Taylor
Runner-upScotland Gary Anderson
Semi-finalistsEngland Adrian Lewis
England Mark Walsh
PDC World Darts Championship2013WinnerEngland Phil Taylor
Runner-upNetherlands Michael van Gerwen
Semi-finalistsNetherlands Raymond van Barneveld
England James Wade
2012WinnerEngland Adrian Lewis
Runner-upEngland Andy Hamilton
Semi-finalistsAustralia Simon Whitlock
England James Wade
2011WinnerEngland Adrian Lewis
2010WinnerEngland Phil Taylor
2009WinnerEngland Phil Taylor
World Matchplay2013WinnerEngland Phil Taylor
Runner-upEngland Adrian Lewis
2012WinnerEngland Phil Taylor
Runner-upEngland James Wade
World Grand Prix2013WinnerEngland Phil Taylor
Runner-upEngland Dave Chisnall
2012WinnerNetherlands Michael van Gerwen
Runner-upEngland Mervyn King
UK Open2013WinnerEngland Phil Taylor
Runner-upEngland Andy Hamilton
2012WinnerScotland Robert Thornton
Runner-upEngland Phil Taylor
Premier League Darts2013WinnerNetherlands Michael van Gerwen
Runner-upEngland Phil Taylor
2012WinnerEngland Phil Taylor
Runner-upAustralia Simon Whitlock
Championship League Darts2013WinnerEngland Phil Taylor
Runner-upNetherlands Michael van Gerwen
2012WinnerEngland Phil Taylor
Runner-upAustralia Simon Whitlock
Players Championship Finals2012WinnerEngland Phil Taylor
Runner-upBelgium Kim Huybrechts
2011 (2)WinnerEngland Kevin Painter
Runner-upWales Mark Webster
European Championship2013WinnerEngland Adrian Lewis
Runner-upAustralia Simon Whitlock
2012WinnerAustralia Simon Whitlock
Runner-upEngland Wes Newton
World Cup of Darts2013WinnersEngland Phil Taylor
England Adrian Lewis
Runners-upBelgium Kim Huybrechts
Belgium Ronny Huybrechts
2012WinnersEngland Phil Taylor
England Adrian Lewis
Runners-upAustralia Simon Whitlock
Australia Paul Nicholson
The Masters2013WinnerEngland Phil Taylor
Runner-upEngland Adrian Lewis
PDC World Youth Championship2013WinnerEngland Michael Smith
Runner-upEngland Ricky Evans


World Championship2013WinnerEngland Scott Waites
Runner-upEngland Tony O'Shea
Semi-finalistsNetherlands Wesley Harms
England Richie George
2012WinnerNetherlands Christian Kist
Runner-upEngland Tony O'Shea
Semi-finalistsNetherlands Wesley Harms
England Ted Hankey
2011WinnerEngland Martin Adams
2010WinnerEngland Martin Adams
2009WinnerEngland Ted Hankey

Note: Players in italics had already qualified for the tournament.
The PDC have decided to no longer invite Martin Adams to the Grand Slam due to his decision to turn down three consecutive invitations in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

Other Methods of Qualification[edit]

PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour Order of Merit[edit]

England Ross Smith qualified after finishing at the top of the 2013 Challenge Tour Order of Merit.[6]

Wigan Qualifiers[edit]

These four players qualified through the pre-tournament qualifying event held in Wigan at 4 November:[7]

Qualified Players[edit]

These are the 32 players who have qualified for the 2013 Grand Slam of Darts.

Professional Darts Corporation[edit]

British Darts Organisation[edit]



Seeded PlayersPool BPool CPool D

England Phil Taylor (1)
Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld (2)
England Scott Waites (3)
Netherlands Michael van Gerwen (4)
England Adrian Lewis (5)
Australia Simon Whitlock (6)
England Andy Hamilton (7)
England James Wade (8)

Scotland Gary Anderson
England Dave Chisnall
Belgium Kim Huybrechts
England Mervyn King
Netherlands Christian Kist
England Wes Newton
England Kevin Painter
Scotland Robert Thornton

Netherlands Wesley Harms
Belgium Ronny Huybrechts
Australia Paul Nicholson
England Tony O'Shea
England Michael Smith
England Mark Walsh
Wales Mark Webster
England Dean Winstanley

England Ricky Evans
England Richie George
England Ted Hankey
England Stuart Kellett
England Justin Pipe
England Ross Smith
Netherlands Vincent van der Voort
Scotland Peter Wright


Group stage[edit]


All matches first-to-5/best of 9

NB: P = Played; W = Won; L = Lost; LF = Legs For; LA = Legs Against; +/- = Plus/Minus Record, in relation to legs; Average – 3-dart average; Pts = Points; Q = Qualified for K.O. phase

Group A[edit]

1England Phil Taylor330151+146Q
2Australia Paul Nicholson321119+24
3England Stuart Kellett312714–72Eliminated
4England Kevin Painter303615–90

November 9[10]

(82.54) Kevin Painter England2 – 5Australia Paul Nicholson (90.66)
(112.16) Phil Taylor England5 – 0England Stuart Kellett (91.45)

November 10[11]

(83.71) Kevin Painter England4 – 5England Stuart Kellett (93.92)
(104.51) Phil Taylor England5 – 1Australia Paul Nicholson (82.43)

November 12[12]

(93.96) Paul Nicholson Australia5 – 2England Stuart Kellett (86.26)
(104.38) Phil Taylor England5 – 0England Kevin Painter (98.45)

Group B[edit]

1England James Wade330157+86Q
2Scotland Gary Anderson321137+64
3Scotland Peter Wright312812–42Eliminated
4Netherlands Wesley Harms303515–100

November 9[10]

(107.14) Gary Anderson Scotland5 – 1Netherlands Wesley Harms (96.18)
(94.38) James Wade England5 – 2Scotland Peter Wright (100.50)

November 10[11]

(97.23) Peter Wright Scotland5 – 2Netherlands Wesley Harms (95.59)
(93.50) James Wade England5 – 3Scotland Gary Anderson (94.48)

November 12[12]

(96.64) James Wade England5 – 2Netherlands Wesley Harms (91.17)
(111.80) Gary Anderson Scotland5 – 1Scotland Peter Wright (99.90)

Group C[edit]

1Belgium Ronny Huybrechts330159+66Q
2England Adrian Lewis3211310+34
3Netherlands Christian Kist3121112–12Eliminated
4England Richie George303715–80

November 9[10]

(91.47) Christian Kist Netherlands3 – 5Belgium Ronny Huybrechts (89.95)
(85.16) Adrian Lewis England5 – 2England Richie George (77.39)

November 10[11]

(96.68) Christian Kist Netherlands5 – 2England Richie George (85.66)
(101.26) Adrian Lewis England3 – 5Belgium Ronny Huybrechts (95.59)

November 12[12]

(92.14) Ronny Huybrechts Belgium5 – 3England Richie George (87.07)
(94.15) Adrian Lewis England5 – 3Netherlands Christian Kist (90.79)

Group D[edit]

1Netherlands Michael van Gerwen330158+76Q
2Belgium Kim Huybrechts3121110+12
3England Dean Winstanley312912–32Eliminated
4Netherlands Vincent van der Voort312813–52

November 9[10]

(90.35) Michael van Gerwen Netherlands5 – 3Netherlands Vincent van der Voort (91.01)
(99.88) Kim Huybrechts Belgium2 – 5England Dean Winstanley (97.97)

November 10[11]

(90.54) Kim Huybrechts Belgium5 – 0Netherlands Vincent van der Voort (78.89)
(98.64) Michael van Gerwen Netherlands5 – 1England Dean Winstanley (94.62)

November 12[12]

(85.73) Dean Winstanley England3 – 5Netherlands Vincent van der Voort (89.63)
(98.75) Michael van Gerwen Netherlands5 – 4Belgium Kim Huybrechts (91.04)

Group E[edit]

1England Tony O'Shea3211410+44Q
2England Mervyn King3211410+44
3Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld3211311+24Eliminated
4England Ricky Evans303515–100

November 9[10]

(89.49) Mervyn King England4 – 5England Tony O'Shea (96.64)
(98.09) Raymond van Barneveld Netherlands5 – 2England Ricky Evans (88.81)

November 10[11]

(101.81) Mervyn King England5 – 2England Ricky Evans (96.57)
(95.57) Raymond van Barneveld Netherlands5 – 4England Tony O'Shea (101.04)

November 11[13]

(95.93) Tony O'Shea England5 – 1England Ricky Evans (95.33)
(85.40) Raymond van Barneveld Netherlands3 – 5England Mervyn King (98.00)

Group F[edit]

1Scotland Robert Thornton321147+74Q
2England Andy Hamilton3211210+24
3England Justin Pipe312912–32Eliminated
4England Mark Walsh312612–62

November 9[10]

(93.94) Robert Thornton Scotland5 – 0England Mark Walsh (78.56)
(95.50) Andy Hamilton England2 – 5England Justin Pipe (96.63)

November 10[11]

(98.57) Andy Hamilton England5 – 1England Mark Walsh (88.93)
(89.84) Robert Thornton Scotland5 – 2England Justin Pipe (81.98)

November 11[13]

(100.08) Justin Pipe England2 – 5England Mark Walsh (95.08)
(88.08) Andy Hamilton England5 – 4Scotland Robert Thornton (94.52)

Group G[edit]

1Australia Simon Whitlock321148+64Q
2Wales Mark Webster3211110+14Face off in a nine dart shootout
2England Wes Newton3211211+14
4England Ross Smith303715–80Eliminated

November 9[10]

(94.17) Wes Newton England2 – 5Wales Mark Webster (94.17)
(97.46) Simon Whitlock Australia5 – 2England Ross Smith (90.24)

November 10[11]

(88.37) Wes Newton England5 – 2England Ross Smith (85.58)
(108.78) Simon Whitlock Australia5 – 1Wales Mark Webster (97.38)

November 11[13]

(93.34) Mark Webster Wales5 – 3England Ross Smith (81.75)
(97.15) Simon Whitlock Australia4 – 5England Wes Newton (102.02)

Group H[edit]

1England Scott Waites330156+96Q
2England Ted Hankey321139+44
3England Michael Smith312813–52Eliminated
4England Dave Chisnall303715–80

November 9[10]

(87.63) Scott Waites England5 – 3England Ted Hankey (82.43)
(99.47) Dave Chisnall England3 – 5England Michael Smith (103.17)

November 10[11]

(99.84) Dave Chisnall England3 – 5England Ted Hankey (95.45)
(93.51) Scott Waites England5 – 2England Michael Smith (88.84)

November 11[13]

(86.97) Ted Hankey England5 – 1England Michael Smith (81.58)
(90.70) Scott Waites England5 – 1England Dave Chisnall (88.20)
Nine dart shootout[edit]

With Wes Newton and Mark Webster finishing level on points and leg difference, a nine-dart shootout between the two took place to see who would play Scott Waites in the second round. The match took place after the conclusion of Monday's group matches, and was the first time since the 2009 Grand Slam of Darts that a nine-dart shootout was required.[13]

2Wales Mark Webster606015602057272Advanced to the last 16
3England Wes Newton15205602020202019199Eliminated

Knockout stage[edit]

Second round (best of 19 legs)
13–14 November
Quarter-finals (best of 31 legs)
15–16 November
Semi-finals (best of 31 legs)
17 November
Final (best of 31 legs)
17 November
A1England Phil Taylor (102.56)10
B2Scotland Gary Anderson (106.13)5
A1England Phil Taylor (97.89)16
B1England James Wade (96.19)12
B1England James Wade (91.54)10
A2Australia Paul Nicholson (87.77)1
A1England Phil Taylor (109.76)16
C2England Adrian Lewis (110.99)9
C1Belgium Ronny Huybrechts (91.25)5
D2Belgium Kim Huybrechts (97.83)10
D2Belgium Kim Huybrechts (95.73)11
C2England Adrian Lewis (100.16)16
D1Netherlands Michael van Gerwen (97.88)8
C2England Adrian Lewis (105.24)10
A1England Phil Taylor (98.14)16
F1Scotland Robert Thornton (97.02)6
E1England Tony O'Shea (94.93)10
F2England Andy Hamilton (92.86)7
E1England Tony O'Shea (93.79)6
F1Scotland Robert Thornton (95.30)16
F1Scotland Robert Thornton (95.72)10
E2England Mervyn King (93.83)8
F1Scotland Robert Thornton (101.03)16
H1England Scott Waites (96.98)9
G1Australia Simon Whitlock (91.25)9
H2England Ted Hankey (85.88)10
H2England Ted Hankey (84.96)10
H1England Scott Waites (92.55)16
H1England Scott Waites (94.39)10
G2Wales Mark Webster (90.99)6


PlayerEliminatedPlayedLegs WonLegs LostLWAT100+140+180sHigh Checkout3-dart Average
England Phil TaylorWinner77333311437532167104.20
Scotland Robert ThorntonRunner-up76246281341032716195.34
England Adrian LewisSemi-finals6514519101545212099.49
England Scott WaitesSemi-finals6503823128562114692.63
England Tony O'SheaQuarter-finals530331476582012396.47
Belgium Kim HuybrechtsQuarter-finals532311269332314895.00
England James WadeQuarter-finals53724206655716094.51
England Ted HankeyQuarter-finals53334117551917087.14
Scotland Gary AndersonSecond round418177542810144104.89
Australia Simon WhitlockSecond round42318758231112298.66
Netherlands Michael van GerwenSecond round42318757231213596.41
England Mervyn KingSecond round42220854311014195.78
Wales Mark WebsterSecond round41720647131016493.97
England Andy HamiltonSecond round41920837241613693.75
Belgium Ronny HuybrechtsSecond round4201955226810892.23
Australia Paul NicholsonSecond round4121953915712588.71
Scotland Peter WrightGroup stage381242316812199.21
England Dave ChisnallGroup stage371542116109795.84
England Wes NewtonGroup stage312114282027094.85
Netherlands Wesley HarmsGroup stage35153341529694.31
England Ricky EvansGroup stage35151181947693.57
Netherlands Raymond van BarneveldGroup stage313115411909693.02
Netherlands Christian KistGroup stage3111232811612492.98
England Justin PipeGroup stage391223212510192.90
England Dean WinstanleyGroup stage39123271639192.77
England Michael SmithGroup stage381332614512191.20
England Stuart KellettGroup stage39143271057890.54
England Kevin PainterGroup stage371522214311688.14
England Mark WalshGroup stage361222610210187.52
Netherlands Vincent van der VoortGroup stage38133201628086.51
England Ross SmithGroup stage37151271504085.86
England Richie GeorgeGroup stage37151201528083.37

Source: Match reports from the draw.


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