2013 BDO World Darts Championship

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Lakeside World Darts Championship
Tournament information
Dates5–13 January 2013
VenueLakeside Country Club
LocationFrimley Green, Surrey
CountryEngland, United Kingdom
best of 13 (men's)
best of 3 (women's)
Prize fund£274,000
Winners share£100,000 (men), £10,000 (women's)
High checkoutBunting (167, men)
Dobromyslova (144, women)
England Scott Waites (men)
Russia Anastasia Dobromyslova (women)
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Lakeside World Darts Championship
Tournament information
Dates5–13 January 2013
VenueLakeside Country Club
LocationFrimley Green, Surrey
CountryEngland, United Kingdom
best of 13 (men's)
best of 3 (women's)
Prize fund£274,000
Winners share£100,000 (men), £10,000 (women's)
High checkoutBunting (167, men)
Dobromyslova (144, women)
England Scott Waites (men)
Russia Anastasia Dobromyslova (women)

The 2013 Lakeside World Professional Darts Championship was the 36th World Championship organised by the British Darts Organisation, and the 28th staging at the Lakeside Country Club at Frimley Green. Christian Kist was the defending men's champion, having won the title for the first time in 2012, but was knocked out in the first round against Robbie Green. Scott Waites, the third seed and pre-tournament favourite, won his first world championship by defeating Tony O'Shea 7-1, who became the first man to lose his first three BDO World Championship finals. Anastasia Dobromyslova defended her world title by defeating Lisa Ashton & in doing so, won the world championship for the 3rd time.

Players from around the globe competed to reach the BBC and ESPN televised finals, which ran from 5 to 13 January at Frimley Green.

Format and qualifiers[edit]


The televised stages featured 32 players. The top 16 players in the BDO rankings over the 2011/12 season were seeded for the tournament.[1]

Top 16
  1. England Stephen Bunting
  2. England Martin Adams
  3. England Scott Waites
  4. England Tony O'Shea
  5. England Robbie Green
  6. Scotland Ross Montgomery
  7. Netherlands Jan Dekker
  8. Netherlands Wesley Harms
  9. England Alan Norris
  10. England Gary Robson
  11. England Martin Atkins
  12. England Scott Mitchell
  13. England Steve Douglas
  14. Belgium Geert De Vos
  15. England Richie George
  16. England Darryl Fitton
Other qualifiers
  1. Netherlands Jeffrey de Graaf
  2. Netherlands Willy van de Wiel
  3. Netherlands Benito van de Pas
  4. England Tony Eccles
  5. England Garry Thompson
  6. England Paul Jennings
  7. Netherlands Jimmy Hendriks
  8. England James Wilson
  9. Scotland Mark Barilli
  10. England John Walton
  11. Netherlands Christian Kist
  12. Scotland Gary Stone
Hull qualifiers
  1. Wales Wayne Warren
  2. England Dave Prins
  3. Norway Rohit David
  4. Republic of Ireland Jason Cullen


The televised stages featured 8 players. The top 2 players in the WDF/BDO rankings over the 2011/12 season were seeded for the tournament.[2]

Top 2
  1. England Deta Hedman
  2. Russia Anastasia Dobromyslova
Other qualifiers
  1. Wales Julie Gore
  2. Germany Irina Armstrong
  3. England Lorraine Farlam
  4. England Trina Gulliver
Hull qualifiers
  1. England Lisa Ashton
  2. Netherlands Sharon Prins

Prize money[edit]

The prize money was £258,000 for the men's event and £16,000 for the women's event.

Men's Champion: £100,000
Runner-Up: £30,000
Semi-Finalists (2): £11,000
Quarter-Finalists (4): £6,000
Last 16 (8): £4,250
Last 32 (16): £3,000
Women's Champion: £10,000
Runner-Up: £2,000
Semi-Finalists (2): £1,000
Quarter-Finalists (4): £500

There was also a shared 9 Dart Checkout prize of £52,000, along with a High Checkout prize of £3,000 per event.

Results bracket[edit]


The draw for the tournament was made on 13 October 2012 live on ESPN. Final set of the game must be won by two clear legs, in case of a 5-5 a sudden-death leg is played.

First Round (best of 5 sets)
5–7 January
Second round (best of 7)
8–9 January
Quarter-Finals (best of 9)
10–11 January
Semi-Finals (best of 11)
12 January
Final (best of 13)
13 January
1England Stephen Bunting 91.833
England James Wilson 85.712
1England Stephen Bunting 95.702
16England Darryl Fitton 93.694
16England Darryl Fitton 89.313
Netherlands Benito van de Pas 83.072
16England Darryl Fitton 94.232
8Netherlands Wesley Harms 94.835
8Netherlands Wesley Harms 85.113
Norway Rohit David 76.291
8Netherlands Wesley Harms 87.274
9England Alan Norris 85.713
9England Alan Norris 79.983
Wales Wayne Warren 84.481
8Netherlands Wesley Harms 90.244
4England Tony O'Shea 94.806
4England Tony O'Shea 86.733
England John Walton 88.650
4England Tony O'Shea 89.434
13England Steve Douglas 79.861
13England Steve Douglas 81.663
Scotland Gary Stone 83.01 [3]1
4England Tony O'Shea 94.775
5England Robbie Green 91.713
5England Robbie Green 91.113
Netherlands Christian Kist 85.681
5England Robbie Green 83.374
12England Scott Mitchell 77.581
12England Scott Mitchell 80.883
Scotland Mark Barilli 77.492
4England Tony O'Shea 81.901
3England Scott Waites 86.437
2England Martin Adams 83.972
Netherlands Jimmy Hendriks 78.783
Netherlands Jimmy Hendriks 77.382
15England Richie George 84.084
15England Richie George 81.663
England Dave Prins 81.032
15England Richie George 83.195
7Netherlands Jan Dekker 88.954
7Netherlands Jan Dekker 85.263
Netherlands Jeffrey de Graaf 86.042
7Netherlands Jan Dekker 82.56[4]4
England Garry Thompson 84.99[4]3
10England Gary Robson 83.551
England Garry Thompson 88.833
15England Richie George 83.491
3England Scott Waites 90.486
3England Scott Waites 90.153
Netherlands Willy van de Wiel 80.880
3England Scott Waites 89.354
14Belgium Geert De Vos 81.391
14Belgium Geert De Vos 88.683
England Tony Eccles 90.842
3England Scott Waites 92.165
England Paul Jennings 85.192
6Scotland Ross Montgomery 87.211
England Paul Jennings 87.123
England Paul Jennings 86.414
Republic of Ireland Jason Cullen 84.690
11England Martin Atkins 83.131
Republic of Ireland Jason Cullen 88.743


The results are:

5–7 January
10–11 January
12 January
1England Deta Hedman 73.830
England Lisa Ashton 79.412
England Lisa Ashton 77.702
Netherlands Sharon Prins 69.480
4Germany Irina Armstrong 65.911
Netherlands Sharon Prins 66.422
England Lisa Ashton 80.401
2Russia Anastasia Dobromyslova 82.292
2Russia Anastasia Dobromyslova 71.012
England Lorraine Farlam 70.950
2Russia Anastasia Dobromyslova 83.102
England Trina Gulliver 72.631
3Wales Julie Gore 65.400
England Trina Gulliver 73.472

TV Coverage[edit]

BBC Sport[edit]

BBC Sport coverage is presented by Colin Murray and Bobby George who will present live coverage and highlights.[5] Rob Walker returns as Darts Extra host and reporter during the live coverage. Commentary comes from Tony Green, Vassos Alexander and Jim Proudfoot who replaces David Croft who moved to Sky F1 for 2012.

ESPN UK[edit]

ESPN coverage is presented by Ray Stubbs who returns to host his 11th Lakeside after previously hosting from 2001 to 2009 on the BBC.[6] He will host with BDO players; Nat Coombs will be relief host and reporter. Commentary is shared with the BBC and comes from Green, Alexander and Proudfoot.

Both channels coverage comes from IMG Sports Media who provide the equipment, build the set, commentary boxes etc. and supply the output for both broadcasters.



PlayerRoundPlayedSets WonSets LostLegs WonLegs Lost100+140+180sHigh CheckoutAverage
England Martin AdamsFirst Round12310103013413183.97
England Martin AtkinsFirst Round1138111812214483.14
Scotland Mark BarilliFirst Round1237122110110877.50
England Stephen BuntingSecond Round256242264261116794.00
Republic of Ireland Jason CullenSecond Round2351420402656186.94
Norway Rohit DavidFirst Round113511148011076.29
Netherlands Jeffrey de GraafFirst Round12311143114310886.04
Belgium Geert De VosSecond Round24615214818511685.07
Netherlands Jan DekkerQuarter-finalist311104940107401215085.75
England Steve DouglasSecond Round24515183215710080.83
England Tony EcclesFirst Round123992215111690.84
England Darryl FittonQuarter-finalist399403993561911692.64
England Richie GeorgeSemi-finalist413145061150622012983.09
England Robbie GreenQuarter-finalist3107383181411612088.99
Netherlands Wesley HarmsSemi-finalist416126454180841516189.88
Netherlands Jimmy HendriksSecond Round25621254217612878.00
England Paul JenningsQuarter-finalist396343073411314486.03
Netherlands Christian KistFirst Round113610151057485.69
England Scott MitchellSecond Round24618215320213078.88
Scotland Ross MontgomeryFirst Round113810289210387.21
England Alan NorrisSecond Round265232254271512583.61
England Tony O'SheaRunner-up519157265192963016190.09
England Dave PrinsFirst Round1231214281534081.03
England Gary RobsonFirst Round113710179210083.54
Scotland Gary StoneFirst Round11361122749083.00
England Garry ThompsonSecond Round26522245521109886.38
Netherlands Benito van de PasFirst Round1239121912510083.08
Netherlands Willy van de WielFirst Round1034914723280.87
England Scott WaitesWinner52558335162782415689.56
England John WaltonFirst Round103591710310088.64
Wales Wayne WarrenFirst Round1136102511312184.49
England James WilsonFirst Round123712161328685.71

Last updated: 12 January 2013
Source: Match reports from the main draw



PlayerRoundPlayedSets WonSets LostLegs WonLegs Lost100+140+180sHigh CheckoutAverage
Germany Irina ArmstrongQuarter-finalist1127816324865.92
England Lisa AshtonRunner-Up35217103814112079.28
Russia Anastasia DobromyslovaWinner36221126012214480.39
England Lorraine FarlamQuarter-finalist102267604071.52
Wales Julie GoreQuarter-finalist1024614309365.41
England Trina GulliverSemi-finalist23311122114012073.02
England Deta HedmanQuarter-finalist1023613304073.83
Netherlands Sharon PrinsSemi-finalist223813191014767.20

Last updated: 13 January 2013
Source: Match reports from the main draw



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