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The following are lists of candidates in the 2008 United States presidential election. Candidates who are not on any state ballots, withdrew from the race, suspended their presidential campaign, or failed to earn their party's nomination are listed separately.

Party nominees[edit]

All candidates in the table below were on the ballot in multiple states. Those who were on the ballot in enough states to win a majority in the U.S. Electoral College are marked in bold. Candidates who were on the ballot in no more than one state are listed in the next section.

Ron Paul was on the ballot in Louisiana with Barry Goldwater, Jr. on the Louisiana Taxpayers Party ticket[1] and in Montana with Michael Peroutka on the Constitution Party of Montana ticket, even though the latter is associated with the national Constitution Party.[2] Paul's supporters also qualified him to receive write-in votes in California. Paul was no longer actively running for president when he attained ballot status and asked to be removed. His request was denied by the Montana Secretary of State, because the request was sent to him too late.[3]

Presidential candidate/running matePartyCampaign site
Barack Obama/Joe Biden (campaign)Democratic, South Carolina United Citizens, New York Working Families[4]
John McCain/Sarah Palin (campaign)Republican, New York Independence, New York
Ralph Nader/Matt Gonzalez (campaign)Independent, Independence-Ecology,[5] Peace and Freedom, Michigan Natural Law, Delaware Independent, Oregon Peace, New York Populist[4]
Bob Barr/Wayne Allyn Root (campaign)
Cynthia McKinney/Rosa Clemente (campaign)
Chuck Baldwin/Darrell Castle (campaign)Constitution, Kansas Reform, Virginia Independent
Alan Keyes/Brian Rohrbough (campaign)Independent, America's
Gloria La Riva/Eugene PuryearSocialism &
Brian Moore/Stewart AlexanderSocialist, Vermont Liberty
Róger Calero/Alyson KennedySocialist
Charles Jay/Thomas L. KnappBoston
Thomas Stevens/Alden
Gene Amondson/Leroy

Ballot access[edit]

The two major parties in the United States, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, had ballot access in all 50 US states and the District of Columbia.

Each state sets its own requirements for candidates to gain ballot access. In some cases it is easier for party nominees to gain ballot access than for independent candidates, so Ralph Nader's independent campaign is associated with parties (pre-existing or newly formed) in some states: PF is the Peace and Freedom Party, NLP is the Natural Law Party, IEP is the Independent-Ecology Party, and IP is the Independent Party. In Kansas, Chuck Baldwin's campaign is associated with the Kansas Reform Party[6] after a legal challenge had been brought to recognize national Reform Party candidate Ted Weill on the ballot.[7]

George Phillies appeared on the ballot in New Hampshire with the label "Libertarian", with Chris Bennett as his running mate.

Candidates who had ballot access to enough electoral votes to win the presidency
 Electoral VotesNaderLibertarian (Barr)Constitution (Baldwin)Green (McKinney)
States + D.C.5146 (50)45 (47)37 (49)32 (49)
Electoral votes (EV)538456 (531)503 (510)318 (516)368 (528)
Percent of EV100%84.8% (98.7%)93.5% (94.8%)59.1% (95.9%)68.4% (98.1%)
Alabama[8]9   (write-in)
Alaska[9]3   (write-in)
Arizona[10]10  (write-in) 
California[12]55PF (write-in) 
Georgia[17]15(write-in) (write-in)(write-in)
Idaho[19]4   (write-in)
Indiana[21]11(write-in) (write-in)(write-in)
Kansas[23]6   (write-in)
Kentucky[24]8   (write-in)
Maine[26]4 (write-in)(write-in) 
Missouri[32]11   (write-in)
Montana[33]3  (write-in)(write-in)
New Hampshire[36]4  (write-in)(write-in)
New Jersey[37]15    
New Mexico[38]5IEP   
New York[39]31  (write-in) 
North Carolina[40]15(write-in) (write-in)
North Dakota[41]3   (write-in)
Pennsylvania[45]21  (write-in)(write-in)
Rhode Island[46]4    
South Carolina[47]8    
South Dakota[48]3   
Texas[50]34(write-in) (write-in)(write-in)
Vermont[52]3   (write-in)
West Virginia[55]5   
Wyoming[57]3   (write-in)
District of Columbia[58]3 (write-in)(write-in) 
Other third party candidates


 Electoral VotesProhibition (Amondson)Socialist Workers (Calero)Boston Tea (Jay)America's Independent (Keyes)Socialism and Liberation (La Riva)Socialist (Moore)Objectivist (Stevens)
States + D.C.51310 (11)3 (7)3 (8)128 (30)2
EV53845125 (180)47 (75)91 (168)137102 (338)36
% of EV100%8.4%23.2% (33.5%)8.7% (13.9%)16.9% (31.2%)25.5%19.7% (62.8%)6.7%
California55(JH write-in) 
Colorado9 JH     
Delaware3 (write-in)
Florida27 JH     
Georgia (U.S. state)15
Louisiana9 JH 
Minnesota10 (write-in)
New Hampshire4(write-in)
New Jersey15   
New Mexico5
New York31  (write-in)
North Carolina15(write-in)
North Dakota3
Rhode Island4 (write-in)
South Carolina8
South Dakota3
Washington (U.S. state)11JH (write-in)
West Virginia5
District of Columbia3
Other candidates

The tickets below were on the ballot in no more than one state. Those appearing on a single state's ballot are in bold, all others are write-in candidates. Those without party labels are independents. Some do not have vice-presidential candidates.


Although Guam has no votes in the Electoral College, it has held a straw poll for its presidential preferences since 1980. In 2008, their ballot included Barr, McCain, and Obama. On July 10, 2008, the Guam legislature passed a law moving that poll forward to gain notoriety for Guam's election.[68] The legislation was eventually vetoed.[69]

Primary and convention candidates[edit]

Democratic Party primary ballot access[edit]

  Candidate actively campaigning
  Candidate with suspended or canceled campaign
  Candidate not on ballot
New Hampshire (January 8)JBHCCDJEMGDKBOBR
Michigan (January 15)HCCDMGDK
Nevada (January 19)JBHCCDJEDKBOBR
South Carolina (January 26)JBHCCDJEMGDKBOBR
Florida[70] (January 29)JBHCCDJEMGDKBOBR

Republican Party primary ballot access[edit]

and Republican Party comprehensive summary at[71]

  Candidate actively campaigning
  Candidate with suspended or canceled campaign
  Candidate not on ballot
Wyoming (January 5)RGMHDHJMRPMRFT
New Hampshire[72] (January 8)RGMHDHAKJMRPMRFT
Michigan (January 15)RGMHDHJMRPMRFT
Nevada (January 19)RGMHDHJMRPMRFT
South Carolina (January 19)RGMHDHJMRPMRFT
Florida[70] (January 29)RGMHDHAKJMRPMRFT

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