List of numbered roads in York Region

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York Regional Road's distributions in all of York Region.
A sample of York Regional Roads shield.

York Region, located in southwestern Ontario, assigned approximately 50 regional roads, each with a number ranging from 1 to 99. All expenses of York Regional Roads (for example, snow shoveling, road repairs, traffic lights) are funded by the York Region government. Several new roads will be assumed by the region in 2012, including King–Vaughan Town Line and Kirby Sideroad.

Boundaries of York Region

Regional Roads

Regional road #Local NameWestern/Northern terminusEastern/Southern terminusMunicipality(ies) within York RegionAdditional notes/Traffic
York Regional Road 1.svgYonge StreetYork Region / Simcoe County boundarySteeles AvenueMarkham, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Newmarket, East GwillimburyVery busy road with a lot of traffic (especially in Richmond Hill, Thornhill, and Toronto). The Viva Blue BRT line runs on Yonge Street.
York Regional Road 3.svgKennedy RoadLake Drive East in GeorginaSteeles AvenueMarkham, Stouffville, East Gwillimbury, GeorginaFormer sections of Kennedy before the present alignment include Old Kennedy Road, Fresno Circuit, and Main Street Unionville.
York Regional Road 6.svgKeele StreetKing RoadSteeles AvenueVaughan, KingSometimes referred to as 4th Concession Road
York Regional Road 7.svgHighway 7York Region / Peel Region BoundaryMain Street MarkhamVaughan, Richmond Hill, MarkhamThis route is a very heavily travelled route, especially between Highway 400 and McCowan Road in Vaughan, Richmond Hill, and Markham. Most of Viva Purple and Viva Pink run on Highway 7. This route was part of Ontario Highway 7 before the 1997 downloadings.
York Regional Road 8.svgWoodbine AvenueLake Drive North in GeorginaSteeles AvenueMarkham, Stouffville, GeorginaIntersection of Woodbine Avenue and Elgin Mills Road was realigned. The Woodbine By-Pass opened on November 15, 2010.[1][2]
York Regional Road 8A.svgBaseline RoadWoodbine AvenueDalton RoadGeorginaThe road as an undersigned York Regional Road number #88, which makes it the second highest numbered York Regional Road.[3]
York Regional Road 9.svgDalton Road
Main Street Sutton (High Street)
Lake Drive North-Baseline Road
Dalton Road-Ontario Highway 48
Georgina (Sutton)GeorginaTwo of the roads passes the heart through the village of Sutton
York Regional Road 11.svgKing RoadYork Region / Peel Region BoundaryYonge StreetRichmond Hill, KingIt passes through King City, Nobleton and Oak Ridges
York Regional Road 12.svgDon Mills Road
Leslie Street
The Queensway South
Metro Road South / Morton AvenueSteeles AvenueMarkham, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Newmarket, East Gwillimbury, GeorginaLeslie Street famous for its recent blooming of commercial and industrial areas in Richmond Hill
Don Mills Road replaces Leslie Street from John Street-Steeles Avenue
The Queensway passes through the heart of Keswick. Decleared to Main Street Keswick in the future.
York Regional Road 13.svgMount Albert Road
Bradford Street
Holland Landing RoadYork-Durham LineEast GwillimburyConnects Holland Landing, Sharon and Mount Albert
York Regional Road 14.svgStouffville Road
Main Street Stouffville
King–Vaughan Townline
Yonge StreetYork-Durham LineRichmond Hill, StouffvilleIt passes through the heart of Gormley and Stouffville. It is one of the busiest rural roads in York Region.
York Regional Road 15.svgWellington Street
Aurora Road
Dufferin StreetYork-Durham LineKing Aurora, Whitchurch-StouffvillePass through the centre of Aurora. The Aurora GO train station can also be found on this road.
York Regional Road 16.svgLloydtown-Aurora RoadHighway 27Bathurst StreetKing (Community of Lloydtown)Accessible to Highway 400, links Aurora and Lloydtown
York Regional Road 17.svgIslington AvenueMajor Mackenzie DriveSteeles AvenueVaughanBecause this road is along the Humber River, this road is very steep at times and contains a lot of curves
York Regional Road 18.svgPark RoadHedge Road in GeorginaRavenshoe RoadGeorginaThe road passes through Sibbald Point Provincial Park, and accessible to Highway 48
York Regional Road 19.svgGreen LaneBathurst StreetWoodbine AvenueEast GwillimburyHighway 404's terminus is at Green Lane (until its future extension is complete), and because of that, traffic is very busy between Yonge Street and Highway 404
York Regional Road 21.svgPefferlaw RoadHighway 48Lake Ridge Road (York Region / Durham Region Boundary)GeorginaPasses through the heart of Pefferlaw
York Regional Road 24.svgHighway 50Peel Regional Road 14 (Mayfield Road)Steeles AvenueVaughanForms the boundary between York Region and Peel Region. Most often referred to as Peel Regional Road 50, although the road lies in York Region geographically until Peel Regional Road 14.
York Regional Road 25.svgMajor Mackenzie DriveYork Region/Peel Region boundaryYork-Durham LineVaughan, Richmond Hill, MarkhamFormerly a rural road, but urban sprawl in Markham and Vaughan has turned this road into somewhat of an urban thoroughfare. Named after Major Addison Alexander “Lex” Mackenzie, a former provincial politician and World War I veteran.[4]
York Regional Road 26.svgSt. John's Sideroad
18th Sideroad
Bathurst StreetMcCowan RoadAurora, StouffvilleNo access to Highway 404
York Regional Road 27.svgHighway 27Highway 9 or York Region / Simcoe County boundarySteeles AvenueVaughan, KingFormerly Highway 27 (referred to as Highway 27 in Toronto, and Simcoe County Road 27 in Simcoe County)
York Regional Road 29.svgGamble Road
19th Avenue
Kirby Road
Dufferin StreetLeslie StreetRichmond Hill, Markham, VaughanOne of the rural roads in York Region, and extending Kirby Road to Bathurst.
York Regional Road 30.svgYork-Durham Line (Also Durham Regional Road 30)Queensville Sideroad in East GwillimburySteeles AvenueMarkham, Stouffville, East GwillimburySeparates Durham Region and York Region
York Regional Road 31.svgDavis Drive (Formerly Provincial Highway 9)York-Durham Region boundaryNewmarket, East Gwillimbury, StouffvilleOne of the busiest rural roads in York Region, separates East Gwillimbury and Whitchurch-Stouffville. Road is still referred to as Davis Drive east into Durham Region
York Regional Road 32.svgRavenshoe RoadHolland River at a dead endLakeridge Road (Durham Regional Road 23)GeorginaRuns from southeast of Keswick to Udora.
YRR33.pngGlenwoods AvenueThe Queensway SouthWoodbine AvenueGeorginaOne of the busiest roads of Keswick, from the Queensway South-Woodbine Avenue
York Regional Road 34.svgBayview Avenue
Prospect Street
Davis DriveSteeles AvenueMarkham, Richmond Hill, Aurora, NewmarketVery busy with a lot of traffic especially in Markham and Richmond Hill. In Newmarket, a handful of York Region's government buildings can be found.
York Regional Road 38.svgBathurst StreetHolland Marsh at a dead endSteeles AvenueVaughan, King, NewmarketThe road was interrupted by the natural landscape in King
York Regional Road 40.svgBloomington RoadBathurst StreetYork-Durham LineRichmond Hill, StouffvilleFormerly Highway 47, one of the busiest rural roads in York Region
YRR45.pngDoane RoadYonge StreetWoodbine AvenueEast GwillimburyRuns from Holland Landing to south of Queensville.
York Regional Road 48.svgDonald Cousens ParkwayMajor Mackenzie DriveHighway 407MarkhamThe road is newly constructed, and therefore the terminus could change in a year-to-year basis. Furthermore, the road is for trucks that have now been banned from Main Street Markham. Formerly called Markham Bypass, the road is now named after the former mayor of Markham, Donald Cousens.
York Regional Road 49.svgElgin Mills Road
Teston Road
Nashville Road
York Region / Peel Region BoundaryWoodbine AvenueVaughan, Richmond Hill, MarkhamYork Regional Road status was interrupted between Highway 27 and Pine Valley Drive, and also between Keele Street and Dufferin Street.
York Regional Road 51.svgYonge StreetQueensville SideroadYonge StreetEast GwillimburyThe road passes through the heart of Holland Landing and serves as an extension of Yonge Street
York Regional Road 53.svgDufferin StreetLloydtown-Aurora Road / 18th SideroadSteeles AvenueKing, VaughanSometimes referred to as 3rd Concession Road
York Regional Road 55.svgJane StreetHighway 9Steeles AvenueKing, VaughanSometimes referred to as 5th Concession Road
York Regional Road 56.svgWeston RoadHighway 9Steeles AvenueKing, VaughanSometimes referred to as 6th Concession Road
York Regional Road 57.svgPine Valley DriveTeston RoadSteeles AvenueVaughanPine Valley Drive's York Regional Road status was interrupted between Langstaff Road and Rutherford Road
York Regional Road 65.svgWarden AvenueBaseline RoadSteeles AvenueMarkham, Stouffville, East GwillimburyPasses through the heart of the developing Downtown Markham and is being widened to 6 lanes from Steeles to Apple Creek Drive to accommodate the anticipated traffic it will bring. Traffic frequently jams up between Apple Creek and Highway 7 due to the amount of traffic lights on that stretch.
York Regional Road 67.svgMcCowan RoadBloomington RoadSteeles AvenueMarkham, StouffvillePasses through Markville Mall in Markham and is the temporary eastern terminus for Viva Purple. This road also jams up frequently between Highway 407 and Bullock Drive, due to Markville Mall and the amount of traffic lights in the area. In East Gwillimbury, York Regional Road 67 passes through Davis Drive (York 31) to Ravenshoe Road (York 32)
York Regional Road 68.svgMarkham Road
Main Street Markham
Highway 407Steeles AvenueMarkhamFormerly Highway 48, the road becomes Highway 48 after 16th Avenue
York Regional Road 69.svgNinth LineAurora RoadSteeles AvenueMarkham, StouffvilleWas at once considered for an expressway. 9th Line borders Cornell and is now changing from a rural road to somewhat of an urban thoroughfare due to urban sprawl, especially in Cornell
York Regional Road 71.svg14th Avenue
Centre Street
Highway 7York-Durham LineMarkham, VaughanYork Regional Road status interrupted between Warden Avenue and Bathurst Street. The original road, however, is linked by Alden Road, John Street and Esna Park Drive, but they are not recognized officially as York Regional Road 71.
York Regional Road 72.svgLangstaff RoadYork Region / Peel Region boundaryHighway 7VaughanThe road is interrupted twice. The first time is between Keele Street and Jane Street because of the CN rail yard. The second time is between Islington Avenue and Highway 27 because of the Humber River.
York Regional Road 73.svg16th Avenue
Carrville Road
Rutherford Road
York Region/Peel Region boundaryYork-Durham LineVaughan, Richmond Hill, MarkhamOne of the busiest roads in York Region. It is often packed during the rush hour periods between Kennedy Road and Warden Avenue in Markham.
York Regional Road 74.svgMulock Drive
Vivian Drive
Bathurst StreetYork-Durham LineNewmarket, StouffvillePassess through the Newmarket Threater
York Regional Road 76.svgMain Street (Schomberg)Highway 9Highway 27KingPasses through the heart of Schomberg
York Regional Road 77.svgQueensville SideroadBathurst StreetWoodbine AvenueEast GwillimburyConnects River Drive Park, Holland Landing and Queensville.
York Regional Road 78.svgMetro Road
Morton Avenue
Woodbine AvenueDalton RoadGeorginaBuilt on the former railway of the Toronto and York Radial Railway, it passes through the heart of the community of Keswick
York Regional Road 79.svgOld Homestead Road
Station Road
Metro Road NorthPefferlaw RoadGeorginaFormer heart in northern Georgina, leads to the village of Pefferlaw.
York Regional Road 80.svgBlack River RoadDalton RoadPark RoadGeorginaNamed after Black River in Jackson's Point, Ontario
York Regional Road 81.svgWeir's SideroadOld Homestead RoadRavenshoe RoadGeorginaPasses through the village of Virigina and the village of Pefferlaw.
York Regional Road 82.svgVictoria RoadRavenshoe RoadLake Ridge Road (York Region / Durham Region Boundary)GeorginaThis was also decleared as Durham Road 1, north of Ravenshoe Road.
York Regional Road 83.svgHolland Landing RoadYonge StreetToll RoadEast GwillimburyPasses through the heart of Holland Landing.
95Steeles AvenueYork Region/Peel Region boundaryYork-Durham LineVaughan, MarkhamSteeles, like Highway 50, is an unsigned regional road with an internal number.
99Highway 427Zenway BoulevardHighway 7VaughanYork Region built "extension" of Highway 427. Regional Road 99 will be bypassed and subsequently removed with the pending northerly extension of Highway 427.