Jobs at Blekko


Blekko Data Analyst

Blekko is a search engine company providing search APIs to third parties for use in their products. Working with both organic results and advertising, Blekko technology works to contextualize a query into its category and its intent.

As a data analyst your role will be to dive into the rich set of data that helps us understand which results best represent the intent of the client’s user. We use non-personally identifying information such as region, season, time of day, and current events, to help interpret what information people are seeking. Then using that derived knowledge to connect our partners with user’s looking to buy goods or services.

The analyst will define schemas, automate disambiguating queries, combine external information with internally derived information, and design algorithms and experiments that connect users with the right partner at the right time.

Salary is competitive, benefits are best in class for a companies of this size (< 50 employees), equity is included are part of the compensation. Help Blekko change the way people find the things they need or want to find.

Candidate should have a minimum of 5 years experience and an interest in systems. Knowledge of scripted programming languages, statistics, economics, and databases.

If this is of interest, please forward a copy of your resume and contact information to