At Blekko, our mission is to create a differentiated search experience by delivering high quality, curated results and organizing content into categories. Our sophisticated search technology powers our suite of products – a web search engine, mobile app, and social news platform.


Blekko’s proprietary technology operates on a unique system that intersects our own original search index, Dynamic Inference Graph (DIG) algorithm, and editorial evaluation. Using the text from the Web stored in our datacenter, we distill the text and links down to a small semantic database, and use that database to map queries to a large list of editorially-crafted slashtag filters.


Rich Skrenta


Rich has nearly two decades of industry experience. Rich was Founder and CEO of Topix and NewHoo (acquired by Netscape and renamed the Open Directory Project). Rich has held high-level positions at Sun Microsystems, AOL, Unix Systems Labs, and the Amiga UNIX Group at Commodore Business Machines. Rich holds a patent in network security and has authored many well-known pioneering software efforts, including some early multi-user online games. Rich graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in Computer Science.

Michael Markson

VP Marketing

Michael has over 10 years of marketing and business development experience in the technology field. Prior to Blekko, Michael’s professional experiences include being Founder and VP of Business Development at Topix; General Counsel and Director of Business Development for Terraspring, Inc., where he headed up the company’s strategic partner program and led the company’s efforts in its sale to Sun Microsystems; and a transactional attorney for the New York offices of Brown & Wood. He has a BA in Economics from Wittenberg University, a JD from Capital University Law School and an LLM from Georgetown University Law School.

Greg Lindahl


Greg Lindahl was Founder and Distinguished Engineer at PathScale, at which he was the architect of the InfiniPath low-latency InfiniBand HCA. Additionally, he worked on commodity Linux clusters at HPTi, including the 1999 Forecast Systems Lab system, which was the first time a Linux cluster won a conventional supercomputing procurement. Prior to this, he worked on the Legion "grid" distributed OS project at the University of Virginia, and for D. E. Shaw & Co., a New York investment bank. Greg holds a MA in Astronomy from the University of Virginia, and a BA in Math and Physics with Highest Honors from Brandeis University.

Chuck McManis

VP Engineering

Chuck McManis is a respected technical leader who brings two decades of experience to the Blekko team. His experience includes four years at Google where he worked on a variety of initiatives in the operations group, five years at NetApp developing storage architectures that scaled into clusters, six years on the team that built FreeGate from startup to successful acquisition, and ten years at Sun Microsystems where he was part of the original Java group, the ONC/RPC architect, and key contributor to many of Sun's networking innovations. Chuck has an Electrical Engineering degree from USC with a minor in computer science.

David Chang

VP Business Development

David currently heads up business development and distribution partnerships for Blekko. Prior to Blekko, David led US business development at which was responsible for development of search partnerships with industry leaders. These partnerships resulted in revenue growth of over 10x during his 4 years in the role leading the team. Prior to joining Ask, David served in executive business development roles at several leading internet properties including Excite, Earthlink, Yahoo, and MForma. David has an MA degree in Electrochemical Engineering from UC San Diego and a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota.

Carmine Napolitano


Carmine has 20 years of experience in general, financial, and technology management. He was a co-founder of Equalis, VP and GM of the Protocol Solutions Group for LeCroy Corporation, President, CEO, CFO and board member of Computer Access Technology Corporation, as well as CFO at Centric Software, Inc. Carmine was an instrumental member of the executive team at Wavefront Technologies during its successful IPO and acquisition by Silicon Graphics. He worked for Merrill Lynch as a Research Associate and Applied Magnetics as a design engineer. Carmine earned his MBA from NYU and BS in Mechanical Engineering from UC Santa Barbara.


Blekko’s search index and crawler powers three products. Web search is the core product and foundation we built our company on. izik is our search app that reimagines search on mobile devices. ROCKZi is a social news platform that users can embed on their websites to drive traffic and feature great content.


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