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friends make search better!

when you log into blekko through FB connect, your friends automatically become part of your searches. As you search, blekko shows you the results your friends have liked through Facebook. Also search only the pages you and your friends have liked and sort results by the number of likes

How it works:

  1. Log in to blekko via Facebook Connect.
  2. After logging in, blekko automatically creates for you a slashtag called /likes. This slashtag includes sites you and your friends have "liked" through Facebook.
  3. From then on, the last line of every search result will show which of your friends liked each site.
  4. Also, you can:
    • search only sites you and your friends like by adding /likes to your search query. (i.e. music /likes)
    • sort results by the number of likes by clicking the sort icon to the right of /date at the top of the page
    • like any site directly from blekko by clicking the 'like' link under each search result title
    • search a specific friends likes by clicking their name in the search result.