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What is a slashtag?

A slashtag is an easy-to-create custom search engine. It is a tool used to filter search results and helps you to search only high quality sites, without spam or content farms.

Example: /health

Search diabetes /health and trusted sites like nih.gov, cdc.gov, webmd.com and more appear high in your results with content farms and spam sites banished entirely.

There are 3 types of slashtags:

topical— Created by blekko and curated by experts, topical slashtags are built to search only top sites for specific topics like health, tech, recipes, etc. See the full list

user— User slashtags are created by you or other members of the blekko community. You can personalize your own slashtags with sites you trust.

built-in— Built-in slashtags are programmed in the back-end by blekko and perform specific search functions, such as /date or /blogs.


Create your own slashtags

blekko has hundreds of topical slashtags curated by experts. But if you want to use more slashtags than those provided by blekko, create your own with the websites you trust.

Slashtag info— Created by blekko and curated by experts, topical slashtags are built to search only top sites for specific topics like health, tech, recipes, etc.

Add urls & slashtags - Enter URLs and slashtags to include in your slashtag. You can also search for sites to easily add to it. Adding the most relevant general part of the URL will usually give more results . For example, adding cnn.com will give more results than adding a specific news article.

Import files— upload sites directly into your slashtag with .txt or .opml files.

Invite others to edit— enter usernames to invite others to edit your slashtag.

Public or private— make your slashtag publicly visible or only searchable by you alone.

Editor-in-chief / co-editors

Slashtags utilize the expertise of members of the blekko community to help improve results for all. To achieve this, blekko enters into partnerships with expert editors and their communities and also provides a way for you to invite others to edit your slashtags.


Editor-in-chief— By default, a slashtag's creator is its editor-in-chief. As part of our effort to provide high quality results, blekko has partnered with experts to act as editors-in-chief for several categories of slashtags. For example, Stack Overflow is editor-in-chief for tech-related slashtags.

Co-editors— Any publicly visible slashtag can have several co-editors. As the owner of your own slashtags, you can invite other blekko members to edit your slashtags. Don't worry - you have control over adding or removing co-editors to your own slashtags.

Slashtag Boosting

blekko uses slashtag boosting to improve search quality by boosting results from slashtags.

slashtag boostingm

What is slashtag boosting?

Slashtag boosting boosts relevant sites based on the category of the search query.

For example, a search for cure for headaches will feature results boosted from the /health slashtag. A query can feature results boosted from multiple slashtags.

Built-in Slashtags

Slashtags are programmed in the back-end by blekko and can be used to perform specific search functions or tasks, such as changing the sort order of search results or bringing up a quick view of traffic or searching third party APIs. You use a built-in slashtag by adding it to your search query.

Search built-ins— You can use search built-ins such as /blogs or /forums to only search those types of sites. Or you can use /date to list the search results by most recent date. Date range searches also work, e.g. Obama /date=2005-2006.

Content boxes— Some built-in slashtags will display information in a content box at the top of the search result. For example, June 2011 /calendar or palo alto /traffic or AAPL /stock.

Third party APIs— blekko also has third party API slashtags. You can search these APIs directly by adding these slashtags to the end of your search query. Examples include kittens /youtube or volcano /flickr or george r r martin /amazon.