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Searching with blekko

blekko search results provide information and tools you can use to make decisions and improve your own search experience.

Content Box

Some searches will have a content box that appears above the search results. This box gives a quick snippet of information depending on the slashtag used.

screenshot Examples:

san jose, ca /weather | green lantern /movies | berkeley /map | verisimilitude /define

Top Search Area

The Top bar includes the search box and the slashtag bar. The top bar is fixed in place by default but you can change this in prefs.


Search box— enter your query and slashtags and hit "search" to search blekko, e.g., alpha dog /movies.

# of results— the number of results are shown. If a slashtag was used, there will be a link to that slashtag.

Sort options/relevance is the usual default option, but you can change the sort order to /date or /likes. /date will order the results by date while /likes will only show results from you and your friends' Facebook likes.

Slashtags— suggested based on your query. You can also access your own slashtags by clicking on the arrow next to your username.

Share— click the drop down to share the search result page on either Facebook or Twitter.

Slashtag of the day

A Slashtag of the day is chosen for each day of the year. Most are chosen based on events happening that day. You can click on the slashtag of the day to pivot your search to include that slashtag.

A sample query is shown when clicking 'slashtag of the day' in the right column.

You can also search for other slashtags by topic or user. Enter a topic or username and hit the return key on your keyboard. This will bring up a list of slashtags found for that query.

Click on the 'slashtag directory' link to browse our list of slashtags.



Clicking on prefs in the upper right hand corner brings up search preference settings.

View settings: Control your view of the search results page. You can set results to open in a new window, remove Facebook likes, change the number of results shown, and more.

Privacy settings: blekko allows you to choose a level of privacy that you are comfortable with. Choosing SuperPrivacy will check all the privacy features. You can choose to enable one or more of each of these options individually. Click on the privacy tab for more information about each option.

Safe Search: You can choose to disable Safe Search, keep it set to Moderate or set it to Strict. Setting it to Strict will remove some results from your searches.