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Facebook /likes

/likes is a private slashtag made up of your likes and your friend's likes that is created when you connect your account to Facebook.

blekko pulls information from Facebook about the sites that you and your friends have liked and makes that data searchable and visible in your search results.

You can search within your likes by entering the slashtag /likes after your query. For example, sushi /likes. No one else can see your /likes data. You must be logged in to view /likes data as this is a private slashtag.

Facebook Connect

blekko provides an option for you to login using Facebook Connect.

When you use Facebook Connect to login, you are interacting directly with Facebook Connect, which is controlled by Facebook.

When you login using Facebook Connect, you might be prompted to give permission for blekko to access some of your Facebook data. This data is used to create the /likes slashtag and to provide other features on blekko such as discuss on Facebook and Facebook check-ins. If you do not wish to give these permissions, then cancel out the Facebook Connect login.

For more information about Facebook Connect, see Facebook's Help Center.